What is this Crap?

Craps And Laughs™ is a vile take on a game style that people have loved for well over a century. A brown card with a question is read by one player to start the round. The other players select one of their yellow cards in an attempt to make the most despicable answer possible. The player with the best (or worst!) response collects the brown card and earns a Bastard Point. Whoever has the most points when all of the cards have been used is the MDB: Most Despicable Bastard! Craps And Laughs™: Core comes with 500 cards and is a stand-alone game, but it can easily be supplemented with our upcoming expansions or similar card games for even more terrible enjoyment!

WARNING! This game is full of terrible, mean, disgusting things that are far from being politically correct! Craps And Laughs™ is a work of parody and meta-satire. It makes fun of the things that make fun of things. It seeks to make you become one with your inner bastard by getting you to say and think the most horrible things you wouldn't normally dare to. If the idea of having part of your grandfather's anatomy for dinner or getting chocolate milk out of a mentally-handicapped giraffe offends you, this game is probably not for you. But if you're into that kinda Crap, why not give it a try!
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Creative Commons License
Craps And Laughs by Despicable Bastards is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License .

You can download and print it for personal use, share it freely with others for their personal use, or poop on it. But you can't sell it or change it up without our permission. If you want to make derivative works (such as 3rd-party expansions), just talk to us! We're Despicable Bastards, not complete asshats.

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Crap mere mortals have dared to ask us.

Q Hey, isn't this game just like <Insert Name>?

A This game is like a lot of games based on an ancient concept that anybody can use as the basis of any kind of game. Yeah, it's like Apples to Apples®, or Mad Libs®, or Match Game, or lots of other things.

Q When can I buy the printed set?

A We need a lot of cash to get these printed up. We thought about just taking pre-orders, but if we don't get enough to place the order we'll lose our asses in refund fees. But check our Buy page!

Q When will the expansions be available?

A If the Kickstarter for the Core set goes well, they will be available at the same time. And they'll be included with it for free to backers! Otherwise, we'll have each one out as soon as we can.

Q Can I make my own 3rd-party expansion to this, or will you guys turn into whiny, megalomaniacal, sue-happy, thieving cock-knockers?

A What? How dare you! We own... oh, nothing beyond the content of our cards, our name and our designs! Nobody owns the exclusive rights to the concept. Nobody can own exclusive rights, or any rights, to the concept. You want to make a 3rd-party expansion? Awesome! We're flattered. Hell, we'll even hook you up with our printer in China, if you want! But there are a few things we ask. Don't worry, it's nothing like "You can't use our colors!" or "You can't use the same font!" or "We demand gorgeous young female virgins in exchange!". Although we are open to that last one. Basically, we just ask you make sure you're not using anything somebody else already has. Contact us and we'll get into the details and offer any help we can!

Q I have a great idea for a card! Can I send/sell it to you?

A We know some games openly invite fans to send in suggestions. And that's fine. Unimaginative and a great way for them to use their fans, but fine. We like coming up with our own cards. We encourage you to save your card ideas and try to make your own 3rd-party expansion. But if you insist on sending your ideas to us, we can't stop you. Unlike other games, if we happen to use your idea, we'll happily give you both credit for the idea as well as a free copy of the set in which it appears. But don't suggest something that's already been used by us or similar games! And know that the chances of us using your suggestion probably aren't that high.

Q I have a question that isn't answered here.

A That isn't even a question; it's a statement. But if you have a question that you feel the need to have answered, send it to us. We may or may not answer it.